it will all be okay in the end...

Mayra,17. Paramore. Panic! At The Disco, Coldplay, Falling In Reverse, My Chemical Romance, Daughter, Linkin Park, Guns N 'Roses, Queen,The Pretty Reckless, Tokio Hotel, Michael Jackson,The Beatles, Slipknot, No Doubt, The Ting Tings. I like everything retro ... :):

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Brendon Urie tripping and then trying to play it off like it didn't happen (x)

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MTV Hottest Paramore? MTV UK is seeking for the hottest summer superstar. You can help Paramoretweeting “#MTVHottest Paramore” Right now Paramore are #17 but 12 hours ago they were #15…

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New Pressure flip.

Go Hayley

Was going to write in my journal and found this, it fucked me up

No entiendo a esa gente que está con los audífonos puestos y no canta, ni mueve los labios o los brazos. Yo me monto un festival tremendo.


y no me importa weas sí voy en la calle, me mando el baile igual ghsjsdfahjk

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